Hi! I was just wondering if you were ok out there in cyberland since it's been so long since you've posted. Hope everything is ok and you are just super busy with something fun and exciting.

It’s very sweet of you to send this ask, Anon. <3

Yes, I’m fine. I’ve just reached a point where I’m so busy with work (I work retail, so this is a very busy time of year for me) and am so frustrated w/Glee that it was best for me to take a step back.



Mobile tumblr theme with tags, page links, and quick reblog /like links. 

Preview (visit on a mobile device to see the mobile theme)


This theme overrides only the mobile version of your theme. It will not change the way your theme looks normally!

To use this theme, do NOT use the usual Edit HTML Button. Instead, go to Customize > Pages > Add a Page. Select Custom Layout, and set the url to “iphone-theme”. Copy paste the mobile theme into the HTML box there. That way, the mobile theme will show only on mobile devices, without changing your normal theme.

In Customize > Advanced, make sure that “Use optimized mobile layout” is checked.


Unfortunately you cannot preview the theme and change the color via normal customization options, but I have tried to make editing it as easy as possible. Ctrl-F search in the code for COLOR OPTIONS, LINK OPTIONS, and PAGE OPTIONS to customize the colors, links, and to remove page links if you don’t want them.


just fyi - I’ve updated now so the theme also has a “like post” button, so you can like posts without having to go to the individual post page.