“Becky, Blaine and I are gay, remember?”

“Never stopped me before!” Becky winked.

“No you don’t understand,” explained Kurt, “Blaine and I can’t have sex; this isn’t our own very special episode.”

Becky looked complexed.

“Me and Blaine can only kiss once a year. In fact, I should probably stop talking about this. I’m not even allowed to talk directly about sex…” Kurt looked troubled. “ME AND BLAINE ARE STICKING TO OUR SCHEDUALLED ‘MAKE OUT’ SESSIONS” he shouted to someone seemingly out of sight.

“That doesn’t sound very fair?” Becky sat on the bed next to Kurt.

“It’s not completely terrible. We can still be close to each other. Although, the distance between Blaine and myself has to be inversly proportional to the number of items of clothing we’re wearing which can get tough. When Blaine sang Fighter in the shower? I had to wait in Canada, just to get it past the censors!”

“Wow.” breathed Becky. “Makes me glad I’m not gay!”

“Oh, Becky. You’re a girl. I haven’t even gotten to how girls are treated.”

Random shit from filming that I can actually talk about now.


-The whole helping Quinn stand thing was all Naya’s idea. I remember after the first take that she did that Eric Stultz was like “Naya I really liked that you held her up. Keep doing that.”  

-When Rachel won Prom Queen, Chord yelled out “Rachel give me your berry!!” like super loud and it was hilarious.

- Also in between takes of them announcing prom king and queen Chord was talking to Lea and he was like “wait you win??” and she was like “YEAH…DIDN’T YOU READ THE SCRIPT??” lol

- When they were rehearsing for the Prom king and queen announcements Heather/Brittany shouted across to Naya/Santana  ”good luck honey” or maybe it was the other way around…I can’t remember. 

and I’m sure I’ll think of more things later but that’s that.