Blaine’s book from the 402 promo!


This is Blaine’s book! The Off Broadway Songbook!

Description from Amazon:

This second edition features 50 gems from off-Broadway hits, including Altar Boyz; Tick Tick…Boom!; Floyd Collins; The Last Five Years; The Fantasticks; Songs for a New World; I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change; [title of show]: The Wild Party; and many more. Songs include: Always a Bridesmaid * Branded a Tramp * Come to Your Senses * Everybody Fits * Happiness * How Glory Goes * I Hate Musicals * If We Only Have Love (Quand on N’a Que L’amour) * The Picture in the Hall * Real Life * So Many People * Soon It’s Gonna Rain * Stars and the Moon * Still Hurting * 30/90 * What More Do I Need? * and more.

  • NNN: Blaine is the new Rachel…
  • Criss: Which I thought was ridiculous.
  • NNN: Is that going to stick?
  • Criss: I don’t know! Completely objective for my character, they do it based off that one number right? And I don’t particularly remember doing a great job in that number.
  • NNN: He was showy.
  • Criss: They told me to be showy. Hey, whatever, it’s funny. If that’s what Blaine is now then it’s my job to live up to it. If he’s going to be a little more diva-ish then bring it on. As a fan of Blaine I thought it was kind of strange, but hey man, things move on and change.


Kurt & Blaine / The Little Mermaid AU
[ see full size

I don’t know when
I don’t know how
But I know something’s starting right now 

my second attempt at fanart, and an expansion on my recent ranting MerBlaine posts, since i quite literally could not get the visuals out of my head. it’s worth clicking on the full size, it’s literally huge and there’s a lot of detail that’s hard to see in the smaller.

huge thanks to Emily, Jenny & Tessa for their neverending support & encouragement, to Emma for posing in stupid positions at my request so i could draw them, and to everybody who supplied reference pictures of Kurt and Blaine.