Matthew Morrison on Lindsay Lohan and ‘Glee’: ‘The work got done’

When I asked Morrison if he shot any scenes with Lohan, he said no: “I saw her on-set, but I never worked with her.”

And have things gone okay with Lilo being part of the “Glee” mix?

A long pause from Morrison was followed by a laugh and a diplomatic response.

“I think it was all right,” he said. “The work got done.”

Regarding the work, Morrison said production on “Glee’s” third season will wrap on May 11 and that there will definitely not be a Will/Emma wedding before season’s end. He wasn’t even sure yet whether the nuptials will occur next season.

“I have no idea. We don’t even know — I mean, the show’s back next season but we don’t even know which cast members will actually be back,” he said. “I think I’ll be back but some of the kids — we’re trying to figure out what we’re going to do with that.”

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Lindsay Lohan's Glee "Nightmare": Show Sources Spill Details of "Disrepectful" Day on Set


Lindsay Lohan's second day on the Glee set probably won’t go down as her finest hour.

Sources on set have given us exclusive details of Lindsay’s guest appearance yesterday, including that the troubled actress was indeed “incredibly late,” and production had to send a car to the Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood to pick her up and bring her to set.

So what does Lindsay’s rep have to say? And what nickname has she picked up on set?

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Chris Colfer on E News talking about SBL, Lindsay Lohan and Nene Leakes (the Lindsay and Nene parts are new, afaik)

LINDSAY LOHAN Late for 'Glee' After a Night Out


Lindsay Lohan was late this morning for her guest appearance on “Glee” … following a night out on the town. Coincidence?

Dot Marie Jones — who plays Coach Beiste on the show — tweeted, “Gonna be a long day!! Some ppl show up late and just throw a wrench in things. Not cool! I’d rather be an hour early (I was) than 5 minutes late!”

Dot didn’t say who was late, but we’ve confirmed the person MIA was LiLo.  

Now here’s the good news for Lindsay … Sources connected with the production tell TMZ, Lindsay shot her big scenes the other day, and director Eric Stoltz has been saying she was “very professional.” We’re told she nailed her lines and was very polite to cast and crew.

Lindsay is back on set today just for reaction shots when the kids sing on the show. We’re told her tardiness did not hold up production.

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