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I still can’t believe Santana and Brittany broke up. Is there any hope on the horizon for my favorite Glee couple? — Sarah 
“They are able to stay friends,” Naya Rivera tells us. “The way that it was handled, even though it was really sad, everyone was on the same page with it. There isn’t any bad blood.” That doesn’t mean that Santana won’t struggle with the decision, which will make her time in Kentucky that much harder. “Santana is lost right now after the breakup, and you could sense in that episode that she wasn’t quite happy,” Rivera adds. Can we hope that that means that a reconciliation is forthcoming?

Glee's New Girls on Rachel-Quinn Comparisons, Rivalries, and Being "Thrown in the Deep End"

“The New Rachel.” That title may have gone to Blaine (Darren Criss) following his “Call Me Maybe”-off with Tina, Unique and Brittany, but after Glee’s season premiere, fans seem to think there may be another worthy candidate — new girl Marley Rose (Melissa Benoist).

“It’s a lot of pressure because obviously I have some really big shoes to fill,” Benoist tells of the comparisons to New Directions’ former shining star. “But I think that Marley is so different from Rachel and will just bring a new fresh attitude and energy.”

When it comes to Glee’s other fresh faces, the Fox musical isn’t shying away from the comparisons. Case in point, Coach Sue’s description of new Cheerio Kitty (Becca Tobin). “She’s like a young Quinn Fabray except she’s not pregnant, manic-depressive or in-and-out of a wheelchair.”

With Rachel (Lea Michele) — or should we call her almighty Schwimmer? — busy enduring daily verbal lashings at NYADA and Quinn (Dianna Agron) enjoying the collegiate experience at Yale, it seems Marley and Kitty are being positioned as the de facto heirs to the throne. “There’s definitely a little part of Quinn in Kitty but there’s also a whole lot of other Kitty stuff,” says Tobin, who points to Rachel McAdams’ Queen B in Mean Girls and Reese Witherspoon’s overachiever Tracy Flick in Election as inspirations for the character.

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Darren Criss on Glee’s New Hierarchy


The battle to become “the new Rachel” began last night in Glee’s season premiere, but even though Artie declared Blaine to be the winner of the “Call Me Maybe” showdown, that doesn’t mean New Directions has locked in its star performer just yet.

“Blaine might want to be that, but Darren doesn’t!” admits Darren Criss, adding that he’s actually more excited to see transfer-student Blaine becoming one of the gang with his fellow classmates. “I am a huge Tina Cohen-Chang fan, so any time I get to spend with Jenna Ushkowitz is great. Blaine hasn’t had a whole lot of interaction with Tina or Brittany, and very little with Artie. So yeah, to hang with all the kids he’s a senior with now… I am really excited about that.”

So if it’s not Blaine taking on all the solos, who does Criss think should be the one to lead New Directions to more potential wins? “I would like to see Jenna or Kevin become that because they’re the original members from all the way back to the pilot.”

Spoken like a true class act. Mr. Schue should be proud.

9 Glee Spoilers: Finn’s Return, More Sam Impressions and a New School Musical?


Glee’s Season 4 premiere on Thursday answered many burning questions (Can Cassandra July can actually out-dance her wide-eyed ingénues? Yes, she can!), but it also left fans with a set of new ones . When the heck is Finn coming back? Is Tina going to be mean forever? What’s next for Klaine after Kurt’s teary goodbye? And most importantly, what other celebrity impressions can we expect from Sam next? We got the answers to all those and more:

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So what’s the deal with Kurt this season on Glee? When is he going to New York? — Amy
Not right away. Kurt will still be hanging out at McKinley High in the season premiere, but it sounds like producers won’t waste any time getting him to the Big Apple and… on his way to a career in fashion? In the third episode of the season, he’ll meet an eccentric editor at Vogue (not his new boss) who’ll recognize his (other) potential.